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"I LOVE this new book.  When I copy the maps on my copier, the grid lines show, which makes it really easy to set up.  And the newest signs are used frequently.

Thanks for a well-though-out book.  It will make my training classes easier this year."

Janet Bourque
Obedience Director
Santa Barbara Flyers
Santa Barbara, CA

"Your books are fantastic and just what I wanted both for my own training and for the class(es) where I'm the instructor. Thank you for putting together these wonderful books — and for making them available at what I consider to be very reasonable cost."
Elizabeth Morrill / Sanford, NC US

"Thanks for theCourses book. I received them yesterday - that was quick! I look forward to setting up a course in the near future to practice. Should be fun! Thanks!"
Marlene / Arizona

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