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2019 Judge's Nested Course Book

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2019 AKC Rally Courses 6.0 for Judges and Trainers


SALE during continued CoronaVirus sheltering

Black/White books 50% off

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Cloverleaf changes in this book as of Dec. 4 to comply with AKC.


All courses are designed for 40x50 rings!!


Course Statistics for all 12 Nested Courses


    This book includes an updated chapter on important step-by step Course Design guidelines.


    All courses are close to or under 2 minutes on a clean run.


    JUDGING: If you are using these courses to judge Trials or Workshops, you can easily see which signs are used to make your preferred choices. All signs are used in these Nested Courses. Look for your favorites. Look for the ones that are NOT your favorites.


    TEACHING: If you are using these courses for teaching classes, you can quickly see what signs are covered in all of the courses. All signs are used in these Nested Courses. You can easily choose which courses to use in class each week. You can also choose to cut courses in half to either make shorter courses or to use 1/2 of two different courses.



    Average Course Times: Master 2:07; Excellent 1:45; Advanced 1:36; Novice 1:35


2019 AKC Rally Courses 6.0

Sample Course in colored book


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Black/White or Color book

Courses in Color Courses book are slightly modified to reflect true scale distances for Jump signs, Call signs, and cone signs.

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Featured In This Book

Step-by-step Course Design guidelines


Basic Course Design

  • Using a grid
  • Entry & Placement of Start Sign
  • Distance Between Signs
  • Distance before/after Jump
  • Distance between Cones
  • Placement of Finish Sign
  • Placement of Sit Stay
  • Exit
  • Table Steward's Table


Course Design Choices

  • Using Cone Exercises To Your Advantage
  • Stationary Signs with Sits
  • Choice Of Signs For Courses
  • Sharing Cones/Sign Holders on Courses
  • White Board Designs


Timing a Course


Course Statistics

  • Course times for a clean run
  • # of signs
  • # of stationary signs
  • Signs used in each course


Sample Course Design

Directions for Rally Stewards

Sample of Judge's Worksheet

Master of 40 x 50 Grid for designing your own courses from scratch

Master of 40 x 60 Grid for designing your own courses from scratch


Requirements for
Nov Adv Exc
No. of signs
Stationary Signs
Advanced Courses
minimum 3
minimum 2
minimum 3
Excellent Courses
minimum 3
minimum 3
Master Courses
minimum 4


includes #210, if used


#s 301-302 or 303