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2020 Rally Video

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Rally Videos! - "AKC Rally - The Complete Guide - 2020 "

Videos on a Flashdrive for Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Excellent and Master signs

available NOW!!!

You can order ALL of them on one flashdrive, or individual classes on a flashdrive

You should complement this with our 5 1/2" x 8" 2020 Complete Rally Handbook

Use our 2019 Course Book for laying out official AKC Courses.
Use our 2019 Trainers Workbook for laying out smaller practice courses. (includes student handouts)

NEW!!--Rally Videos on a Flashdrive!
"AKC Rally - The Complete Guide - 2020 "

All 2020 AKC Rally sign demos on one flashdrive including principal parts!!!

There are now 111 signs!

This flash drive has Novice, Intermediate/Advanced, Excellent and Master Rally signs.

Most signs have more than one person/dog demonstrating and are actually videoed more than once from different angles to see them well. It will help you to better understand how to perform the signs by watching more than one person and different breeds of dogs do them from different angles.


Our new 2020 "Complete Rally Handbook" would complement this flashdrive.


7 Folders:


1. Introduction (2 min.)

2. Helpful Hints -sample (10 min.)

3. Novice - sample (28 min.)

4. Intermediate/Advanced -sample ( 18 min.)

5. Excellent -sample (16 min.)

6. Master (35 min.) (sample Video 1) (sample Video 2)

7. Credits and Introducing Our Dogs (3 min.)


At the start of the video for each class,

there is a demo with a Judge and Steward present,

showing the ring entrance and exit procedures for that class.


We demo with many different breeds of dogs, as well as women and men of all ages.


Breeds: Aussie, Border Collie, Border Collie Mix, Boston Terrier, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Papillon, Portuguese Water Dog, Pumi, Shar-Pei, Sheltie, Standard Poodle, Toy Poodle, Welsh Pembroke Corgi, West Highland Terrier

AKC Rally - The Complete Guide - 2020


2020 Videos of AKC Rally Signs on a Flashdrive

You will "Choose Option" for

(1) ALL Signs $30(Nov/Int/Adv/Exc/Master)


   OR individual classes $10 each


(2) Novice Signs

(3) Intermediate/Advanced Signs

(4) Excellent Signs

(5) Master Signs



All flashdrives incude the Class(es) ordered plus the Introduction and lots of Helpful Hints!

Mail Option:

Rally is something I have embraced since 2003.  I believe Rally will build the necessary confidence that new handlers need to continue on to other sports. 

We present our videos with cameras situated at different angles to see the demonstrations better.


AKC Rally is a good introduction to other AKC Companion events.

Bea Moore